AWeber vs Constant Contact Deliverability


Completely unique thoughts are sort of hard to come by these days. It is possible to lock yourself in a room for weeks coming up with an idea and, more often than not, someone in the world has already thought of it before.

At best, it will still be rather like an already conceived idea. In the information era, achievement is no longer determined solely by the most special thought. The question of the age is “who did it better?”


A 20 year old newsletter management and automated mailing list software, Aweber is in the same boat as many other similar services. Nothing gets to stay that long in the industry without having competitors, and this drives innovation. In this review, we will have a look at how AWeber compares with the alternatives that have grown up to challenge its throne.

AWeber vs Constant Contact Deliverability

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AWeber vs Drip AWeber vs Constant Contact Deliverability

Drip was established back in 2013 however was then later bought out by LeadPages (a web design tool used to create landing pages) in 2016


The user interface of AWeber can be considered very user friendly and straightforward. Statistics on the subscribers list is exhibited largely, as well as the button for creating messages.

Drip’s dashboard exhibits more thorough data where Cohort analysis is used, as well as the speed of conversion for readers. Because Drip has a website tracking tool, it can compare email marketing data with the activity of this website itself.

With AWeber’s dashboard, users may simply see raw numbers such as the amount of statistics on its own. Drip’s dashboard, however, can provide users information regarding the operation of its site. Drip’s correlating statistical tools make it possible for users an insight to the mind of its typical website visitor, such as the likelihood that a random visitor will register to the newsletter or perhaps avail of its products and services.

Thanks to the previous anecdotes, it’s easy to say that when it comes to the easy to use dashboard and features, Drip is the superior system

Mailing List Management

The capability to manually produce mailing lists is a service that AWeber that can provide. This can be useful for companies with diverse offerings, making sense to have different newsletters for various types of clients.

For more information regarding this feature, check out this tutorial by Blog with Ben on how to set up your own email campaign.

A caveat however is that AWeber sees a single email address as multiple profiles if it is included in different mailing lists. Considering that the plans count on the number of readers, then this is a significant problem. Drip doesn’t have this problem as it keeps a directory of all subscribers, and this is where the whole number of unique subscribers are counted. It doesn’t matter if subscribers are in various mailing lists.

Besides this problem, the two softwares offer you the fundamental necessities for managing a mailing list, such as actions on multiple emails and sorting options.

Mail Management Drafting

Mail drafting is where AWeber excels, as email could be drafted in plain text format, HTML-generated content, or utilizing its Mail Builder tool. The Mail Builder Tool is most likely the pride of AWeber’s fleet of features, as it provides over 700 templates to be edited and used freely.

The Mail Builder Tool can also be quite user friendly, as it involves only drag and drop for adding and excluding components of this mail.

Drip provides more or less the same capabilities, but AWeber excels more because of its flexibility and plethora of template choices. AWeber vs Constant Contact Deliverability


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AWeber vs ActiveCampaign

4 years after AWeber was released, ActiveCampaign was founded in 2003 and was marketed as an application for the most innovative tech-savvy marketers. ActiveCampaign includes high level segmentation abilities. AWeber vs Constant Contact Deliverability

Segmentation vs Tags

ActiveCampaign’s strongest feature is the capacity to earn segments, quite similar to the labels mechanic in AWeber. Geographic place, time of subscription to the newsletter, and activities on the website of the business enterprise are some of the criteria that users can consider to create segments and group subscribers.

If used properly, newsletters can be made to feel more customized to the recipients personality as compared to a bulk “shotgun” method of sending.

The consumers are free to make as many segments as they like since the software already takes note of this section identifiers of each subscriber.

Although it would take longer and be more tedious, AWeber’s tag mechanic can theoretically be performed to achieve this kind of effect. Even if AWeber can indicate tags, the segmentation feature of ActiveCampaign is only more effective for creating targeted emails to get a subgroup of their readers.

Strong Customer Care

Some people might say that 24/7 live chat service is the best customer support there is, and they may most likely be right. In reality, this has always been the top reason why users are loyal to AWeber. Apart from this, AWeber also boasts 24/7 email support and telephone call support twelve hours per day from 8 pm to 8 a.m. EST Mondays through Fridays. Users compliment the quick response that they get when they use the live chat channel.

A better than adequate job in customer service is still present in ActiveCampaign even if it doesn’t have 24/7 support. They offer online seminars for those who need help with the program. They are conducted on a one-on-one basis, and it just needs a signal up.

Better still, they offer in-person support for all those across the neighborhood of Chicago. ActiveCampaign’s user interface has a help button that is always present. This means that users may report for help without leaving their existing displays.


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Third-Party Software Integration

Both AWeber and ActiveCampaign could be incorporated readily with social media platforms, analytics programs, and business services. When it comes to compatibility with other programs, both products have virtually no differences.

However, consider that AWeber’s exceptional customer support can make it easier to perform third party integrations.

AWeber vs GetResponse

GetResponse actually was also founded in the 90’s, like AWeber. AWeber vs Constant Contact Deliverability

Template Gallery

While AWeber has about 700 templates under its belt, GetResponse is doing nicely at 500. Their templates can also be both not dependent on the device, so consistent quality across all display sizes.

Automated Marketing

One of GetResponse’s newest offering, called Marketing Automation, is pretty much a better autoresponder. This is more economical and more intuitive than your normal autoresponder.

Similar to the user interface of AWeber, there is an Automation tool for marketing which works of drag and drop controls making it effective to operate. What that sets it apart from AWeber is the fact that it has more triggers for the activation of email. This is very important because it is crucial to make sure there is follow up for email marketing.

Opening email, clicking on links, and purchasing product, and much more can be used as the trigger. Because of the more specific triggers, subscribers can be treated to a much more personalized newsletter experience and subsequently, more effective marketing.

The Campaign Builder tool in AWeber, although it retains its own, just does not have this level of personalization in regards to automated marketing.

Landing Page building

Both programs have resources for helping users make landing pages. They are sometimes used to make appealing and effective landing pages. However, AWeber’s landing pages may appear to be overly focused on the fundamentals when compared to people that can be made from GetResponse.

Making around 10 landing pages and having them shown to a great number of individuals is a potential that GetResponse has. That is very important because users can run A/B testing. During A/B testing, users may get an idea of the landing page elements that work better and which ones do not. GetResponse saves the data on these landing pages automatically for simple comparison.

AWeber, though it includes multiple template offerings, is less useful in regards to shaping an audience profile using landing pages. Also, multiple template offerings just impact aesthetics when not used with A/B testing. But then, AWeber’s landing page builder’s focus on the principles makes it increasingly user-friendly in comparison to GetResponse.


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AWeber vs ConvertKit

Convertkit is marketed as an online marketing software for online publishers.

Different Label Functionalities

As mentioned before, AWeber assigns tags on different subscribers. ConvertKit also has a tag mechanic, but it’s used a tiny bit differently.

ConvertKit’s tags can also function in the exact same way as the lists in AWeber do. That said, users can have a choice of subscribers under the exact same label, and do more with the choice other than customizing email for them.

The double name, double pay complication within AWeber is prevented this way. ConvertKit enables users to bypass asking subscribers to enter their email addresses multiple times in case of multiple vents.

This is likely ConverKit’s strongest suit, which reaffirms its advertising as being a tag-centric mailing service. Depending on the program, the user experience could be miles away from AWeber’s list-centric strategy.

AWeber vs. MailChimp

One of the most well-known email marketing services based in the United States is MailChimp.

Pricing Differences

AWeber has five plans depending the amount of readers on the mailing list:

As much as 500 subscribers: $19 a month

501 to 2,500 readers: $29 per month

2,501 to 5,000 readers: $49 per month

5,001 to 10,000 subscribers: $69 per month

10,001 to 25,000 subscribers: $149 a month

Based on the number of subscribers and the number of features that the company needs, MailChimp’s pricing can be changed. The most basic plan is completely free, and is usable for mailing lists up to 2000 members.

Further up the price range, the subscriber cap increases, as well as the suit of features available.

The gaps in functionalities vary in the sending limit, kind of customer support accessible, innovative segmentation, reporting features, A/B testing, and split testing.

MailChimp deserves the win in this class a little bit more because it’s an entirely free plan, available to those who only require minimum mailing list management.

However, one may argue that all the paid plans in AWeber unlocks the full potential of the software. But then, it may also be said that the number of features needs to scale with the number of readers to make the item more worthy of its own price tag. I’ll do me, and you do you, really.

Autoresponder and Automation Face-off

Make no mistake, AWeber does its autoresponder feature flawlessly. But, Mailchimp’s autoresponder and marketing automation as a whole is much more intuitive than Aweber’s.

Aside from the usual “trickle” autoresponders that sends out mail from a fixed time period, MailChimp can examine the behavior and interactions of their subscribers to activate its own stored messages.

The triggers that MailChimp can use aside from the normal time interval and link address are interactions with previous email, purchases, abandoned carts, and many more of the user’s selection.


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Verdict: Is AWeber Still Workable? AWeber vs Constant Contact Deliverability

To answer this quick, yes. AWeber stays the item that thousands have and are still using. Even though some features of it might feel a tiny bit outdated, there’s no reason to say that the operation of AWeber has waned since it went into its 3rd decade of support.

Complete with its simple user interface and topnotch customer support, it’s still a good selection for advertising ventures. This is especially true for those who are only looking to expand what they have.

Though AWeber is a great program, admittedly some of it’s features aren’t the best out there, specifically in optimization, and data analysis If you feel that your advertising campaign would reap the benefits of this, then AWeber might not be the option for you.

However if you’re looking for an tried and tested piece of software, AWeber’s your guy.

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