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What design specifications should food packaging follow? Food packaging design considerations
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Food Packaging Design Specification 1. Any nutritional information in the nutrition label design of prepackaged food should be true and objective, and no false information shall be displayed, and the nutritional or other effects of the product shall not be exaggerated. 2. The nutrition label design of prepackaged food shall be in Chinese. If a fo

Food Packaging Design Specification

1. Any nutritional information in the nutrition label design of prepackaged food should be true and objective, and no false information shall be displayed, and the nutritional or other effects of the product shall not be exaggerated.

2. The nutrition label design of prepackaged food shall be in Chinese. If a foreign language is used at the same time, the content shall correspond to the Chinese one, and the foreign language number shall not be larger than the Chinese one.

3. The nutrient composition table shall be expressed in the form of a "box table" (except for special cases), the box can be of any size, and is perpendicular to the baseline of the package, and the table title is "nutrient composition table".

4. The nutrient content of food should be marked with specific values, which can be obtained through raw material calculation or product testing.

5. Nutrition labels shall be placed on the packaging of the smallest sales unit provided to consumers.

6. The mandatory contents of nutrition labels of all prepackaged foods include: energy, content values of core nutrients and their percentages in the Nutrient Reference Value (NRV). When labelling other ingredients, appropriate forms should be used to make energy and core nutrient labels more visible.

7. When making nutrition claims or nutrient function claims for nutrients other than energy and core nutrients, the content of the nutrient and its percentage in the Nutrient Reference Value (NRV) should also be indicated in the nutrient list.

8. For prepackaged foods using nutritional fortifiers, the nutritional ingredient table shall also indicate the content of the nutritional ingredient in the fortified food and its percentage in the Nutrient Reference Value (NRV).

9. When hydrogenated and/or partially hydrogenated oils and fats are contained in food ingredients or are used in the production process, the content of trans fats (acids) shall also be indicated in the nutritional composition table. Nutrients that do not have a Nutrient Reference Value (NRV) only need to be declared.

10. The content of energy and nutrients in prepackaged food shall be declared in terms of specific values per 100 grams (g) and (or) per 100 milliliters (mL) and (or) in the edible portion of each serving. When labelled in servings, the amount per serving should be indicated. The size of the serving can be specified according to the characteristics of the food or the recommended amount.

11. Genetically modified foods must be marked: All foods listed in the "Administrative Measures for the Labeling of Agricultural Genetically Modified Organisms" issued by the Ministry of Agriculture must be marked with "genetically modified food" on the label. Oils made from GM soybeans should also have the words "GM soybean oil" on the label.

12. Language implying efficacy cannot be used.  Foods for special dietary use (such as food for infants and young children, food for diabetics) must be marked with nutritional ingredients, that is, nutrition labels. Contents that cannot be labeled include: "prevention" or "treatment" of a certain disease.

13. Write the specific name of the preservative. The various ingredients in the food ingredient list should be arranged in descending order of the amount added in the manufacture of processed food. The new regulations require: infant formula milk powder should be marked with nutrients, calories, consumption methods and suitable groups. The labels of imported infant formula milk powder should be marked with "country or region of origin", etc.

14. The production date and shelf life on the label shall not be affixed, subsidized or tampered with.

15. The height of the words and numbers that must be marked on the label shall not be less than 1.8 mm; the net content and the name of the food must be marked on the same display surface of the packaging or packaging container; it is easy for consumers to identify and read.

Food packaging design attention

1. In the process of food trademark design, the configuration of pictures, text and background in the packaging pattern must be unified, the pictures appearing in the packaging are classified into a unified series, the text appearing in the packaging can only have one or two fonts, the background color Use white or standard full color. The packaging pattern has a considerable effect on the customer's purchase. It is necessary to attract the attention of the buyer as much as possible and guide the user to purchase and use it as much as possible.

2. Fully display the goods. There are two main ways to do this. One is to use vivid color photos to clearly explain to the user what the food is to eat. This is the most popular in food packaging. At present, most of the food buyers in my country are children and young people. They need to be intuitive and clear about what to buy, and there are clear patterns to guide their purchases to avoid economic losses for both parties; second, Directly indicate the properties of the food, especially the novelty food packaging must be marked with the name reflecting the essential properties of the food, and cannot be replaced by the self-invented name, such as "Cracker" must be marked as "biscuits"; "pie" must be marked with " Layer Cake" etc. There are specific and detailed text descriptions: There should also be relevant explanatory text about the product on the packaging pattern. Now the Ministry of Health has strict requirements on the text on food packaging, and must be written in strict accordance with the regulations. The text font and color used , The size should be uniform, and the text of the same type should be placed in a fixed position so that the buyer can easily view it.

3. Emphasize the image color of the product: not only the transparent packaging or color photos to fully express the inherent color of the product itself, but more to use the image tones that reflect the large categories of products, so that consumers can produce a cognitive reflection similar to the signal reflection, Quickly determine the contents of the package by color. Now the company's VI design has its own company's special color. When designing the pattern, the company's trademark should try to use the standard color. Most of the colors in the food industry are red, yellow, blue, white, etc.

4. Unified design. There are many varieties in the food industry. For a series of product packaging, regardless of the variety, specification, packaging size, shape, packaging shape and pattern design, all use the same pattern or even the same color tone, giving people a unified impression and making customers look at it. That is to know which brand the product belongs to.

5. Pay attention to functional design. The functional design in the packaging pattern is mainly manifested in the following aspects: protection performance design, including moisture-proof, mildew-proof, moth-proof, shock-proof, leak-proof, shatter-proof, anti-extrusion, etc.; convenience performance design, including convenience for store display and sales, It is convenient for customers to carry and use.

6. Pay attention to sales performance design. That is, without the introduction or demonstration of the sales staff, the customer can understand the product and decide to buy only by the "self-introduction" of the picture and text on the packaging screen. The design method of the packaging pattern requires simple lines, color blocks and reasonable colors to impress consumers.

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