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Six points of anti freezing for battery in winter

In winter, if the storage battery is not properly maintained after the agricultural vehicle is stopped, it will easily cause the battery to be frozen and difficult to repair or scrap. Therefore, it is very important to freeze the battery in winter. The following six points should be paid attention to:

I. when the storage battery in the greenhouse is not used, it should be stored in a room above 0 ℃, and it should not be placed on the ground directly. Before storage, clean the outside of the battery, add enough electrolyte and power, and tighten the plug. After that, make up charge every other month, check the electrolyte level every half a month, and add it immediately if it is insufficient. In this way, the battery can survive the winter safely.

2. To increase the liquid ratio, the electrolyte is composed of water and sulfuric acid. The higher the content of sulfuric acid in the electrolyte, the higher the specific gravity of the electrolyte and the lower the freezing temperature of the electrolyte. For this reason, the appropriate specific gravity of electrolyte can be selected according to the local minimum temperature in winter to prevent the electrolyte from freezing.

3. Keep the battery fully charged in winter. When the battery discharges 50%, the electrolyte may freeze. Therefore, the discharge degree of the battery in winter shall not exceed 50%. Always check the battery's power storage, and make up in time when it is insufficient.

4. Increasing the temperature of electrolyte has a great influence on the capacity of battery. The capacity of battery will be reduced by 1% ~ 2% when the ambient temperature is reduced by 1 ℃. Therefore, to improve the temperature of electrolyte, the locomotive should be parked indoors, or the battery should be placed above 0 ℃.

V. the battery shall be evenly mixed with electrolyte after adding distilled water. If the mixture is not ready, the distilled water floating on the top of the electrolyte will freeze. Therefore, to add distilled water to the battery, it should be charged immediately, or add distilled water while charging, so that the electrolyte and distilled water can be quickly mixed, so as not to freeze.

Vi. regular start-up inspection the start-up system shall be regularly inspected and maintained. The voltage regulator can be adjusted to increase the charging voltage to 0.60v. Each start shall not exceed 3-5 seconds. If it fails to start, it shall be stopped for 1 minute before starting. Continuous starting for a long time will damage the starting motor and battery.


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